Dental Surgeon

Dr. Yazmin Ibrahim Alfie

Graduated from Veracruz University (Mexico) in 2001, Dr. Yazmin Ibrahim Alfie had the honor and title of graduating at the top of her class with a Doctorate Degree in dental surgery. Her professional license number is 4500294.

Dr. Yazmin was awarded the recognition through a title called ‘Dr. Carlos Alfredo Gonzalez’ granted by the Veracruz University of Dental Surgeons. This honor is given only once per graduating year. She achieved an Honorable Mention Certificate in establishing her own personal research in dental erosion.

Dr. Yazmin completed two years of professional practice and graduated through a scholarship at the University of Barcelona (Spain) in Cosmetics and Oral Rehabilitation. She then worked at private dental practice Medidental for 15 years in Cozumel, Mexico. Dr. Yazmin is the founder and owner of Dental Care Cozumel.

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Dr. Yuritzi Dominguez Navarro

Graduated from the Universidad Veracruzana in 2002 with the license 4005335. As a student in the medical research area of the Mexican Social Security Institute, Dr. Yuritzi developed the research protocol ‘Relationship between dental tartar and diabetes’, which was published.

Dr. Yuritzi graduated from the Mexican Center of Stomatology with a specialty in Endodontics in 2006 and is assistant professor in academic training clinics and an endodontist there. She has been a general dentist for 17 years and a specialist in endodontics for 13 years.

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Dental emergencies, Dental Hygienist

Dr. Janet Milagros Cholan Agüero

Dr. Janet is in charge of dental emergencies and is a dental hygienist at Dental Care Cozumel. She studied at the National University Federico Villarreal in the City of Lima Peru. She made her SERUMS at the Hipolito Unanue National Hospital. She graduated from the Daniel Alcides Carrion Institute specializing in Dental Prosthesis.

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Office Manager

Laura Arjona Pat

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Collaborating Dentists

Dr. Daniel Ortíz
Implantologist, Parodontist

Dr. Patricia Escudero

Social Projects

Dental Care Cozumel invests 10% of all proceeds back into community service. Let’s start reinvesting in the children of our community.

We are starting our new program for kids with special needs on Cozumel. Lot’s of rewarding work! Thanks for all the Community service of the non-denominational church on 30 Ave. Ebenezer. Thanks to you for choosing us as your dental care provider. A portion of what you spend on your dental care goes directly to service those that need it the most.